Why You Need to Pay Attention to Bitcoin … NOW!!

Mainstream adoption is the game-changer

Here at The Business Coach 24.7 (or “TBC24.7”), one tenet of our mission is to provide quality education and resources to our growing community. Recently, on other TBC24.7 platforms, we have talked about Bitcoin and the exciting confluence of factors that are impacting Bitcoin’s upcoming next cycle in its evolution. When you join the Business Coach 24.7 community, one of your free gifts is a beginner’s primer on Bitcoin. Get your FREE Bitcoin primer here. Whether you’ve been in business for years, or you just started last week, you need to know about cryptocurrencies, in general, and Bitcoin in particular. In fact, give me a second to pull out my soapbox. Knowledge of this area could make you an early-adopter in this “still-emerging” financial market. Millionaires of the future will come out of the crypto space.

The Business Coach 24.7 — Inside Tip

Whether you’re new to the crypto space or been riding the roller coaster for years, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of this emerging asset class. In many ways, the crypto space is much like the “wild, wild west” of days gone by. It is still relatively early in the game, and the overall market is rapidly up and coming.

While there are tons of sites and places to learn about the cryptocurrency space, here are a couple of resources that we like, that can help you get up to speed as well as keeping your knowledge current in this quickly changing environment. First, take a look at cointelegraph.com. This is a great site to learn about Bitcoin and the crypto space in general. With tons of information, cointelegraph.com is an awesome resource. In addition to cointelegraph, there is our favorite: coindesk.com. This site has a great interface and connects you to a great on-ramp for learning about crypto and the relevant news affecting the space.

Recently, we did a podcast on the Generation Us platform [A Podcast Where a Young Baby Boomer and a Progressive Millennial Seek Common Ground Through the Prism of Our Generational Differences] where we talked about Bitcoin’s possibilities in the near term in light of Paypal’s recent groundbreaking news which will certainly accelerate Bitcoin’s (and cryptocurrencies’ generally) mainstream adoption. Check out the Bitcoin podcast episode on Apple as well as the Bitcoin podcast episode on Spotify for Android users.

What we like: 1) Like we said, we really like the interface of coindesk’s site. It’s clean and easy to navigate; and 2) Coindesk’s 101 Guides are great learning tools. From Bitcoin to Blockchain to Ethereum to Trading, coindesk.com provides a great platform for the beginner to learn, and the savvy investor to stay current. Mark our words, you will want to start paying attention to Bitcoin and crypto now!

Click here to see what cointelegraph.com has to offer, and here to take a look at Coindesk.com.

Here’s to your success!

The Business Coach 24.7





Our goal is to encourage you when things get hard, bring you quality resources to help you on your journey and to create a community where you can grow & thrive

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The Business Coach 24.7

The Business Coach 24.7

Our goal is to encourage you when things get hard, bring you quality resources to help you on your journey and to create a community where you can grow & thrive

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